What is CPC?

In most circumstances, in order to drive a goods vehicle over 3.5t, or a passenger vehicle with over 9 seats, you will need a Driver CPC qualification alongside the appropriate license category in order to drive professionally in the UK. Click here to check if you need a CPC.

Most people can earn their CPC qualification by attending 35 hours of approved periodic training within a 5 year period. Each of our modules counts as 7 hours training and you will need to complete 5 separate modules to earn or retain your CPC.

On completion of each module, the register is uploaded to a government database. Once you have 35 hours of training accrued on the system, you will earn your qualification, valid for 5 years, and the DVSA will automatically despatch a Drivers Qualification Card to your home address.

How it Works Online

Instead of attending a 7 hour classroom session, you will log-in to a 7 hour online meeting using zoom.us. Each module runs from 9-5 each day and you do need to attend the full session at the set times. The majority of the day is simply following the same PowerPoint presentation that you would see in the classroom, with the opportunity to ask questions or raise any points at the end of each section. There's also the occasional multi-choice quiz but nothing is pass or fail, it just makes the day more interesting. 

Zoom is really easy to use and we've had plenty of people with limited computer ability but nobody has had any major problems. Please click here to see some commonly asked questions and answers.