Frequently Asked Questions

What if I loose connection?

It happens quite often. It's not a major problem so long as you re-join without a lengthy delay.

Can I use a phone?

You will have better better functionality on a laptop or desktop, however the majority of the day can be followed on a mobile device. You're welcome to have multiple devices logged onto the session if you like.

Do I need to download anything first?

Please visit and create an account in advance. You only need the free version, it's just us who needs the paid license to run longer meetings. If you're using a mobile device you will need to download the app.

Do I need a camera?

You do need a camera to complete an ID check at the beginning of the day. This can be completed on a phone if necessary. You wont need a camera for the rest of the day.

How do I pay?

We will send you an invoice by email with a card payment link. If you decide the course is unsuitable then you can leave with no obligation. No training will be uploaded without payment. You do need to pay before the end of the module.


How do I get my Drivers Qualification Card?

This will be automatically sent to you once you have completed the required training. It usually takes around a week to arrive. You will be issued with certificates at the end of each module and you can legally drive with these certificates as proof of attendance whilst you wait for your card.

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