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ADR Awareness (drivers of small loads)

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This E-Learning course is designed for drivers and other staff who are involved in the transport of dangerous goods by road, but in quantities below the threshold where an "ADR Driver Training Certificate" is required, as outlined in Chapter of ADR (commonly known as the small loads exemption). The course is specific to that exemption and not designed for drivers carrying Dangerous Goods in Limited or Excepted quantities, please contact us if you're unsure which course is suitable for your role. The course has been developed by a qualified Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser and ADR Instructor to fulfil the requirements for awareness training that are specified in Chapter 1.3 of the ADR Agreement. The course includes an overview of the ADR Agreement and the small loads exemption, ADR packaging requirements, the ADR classes and labels and the legal requirements that are still applicable to drivers under this partial exemption.

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